Welcome to the website of the Haverford College Humtones.  We’re the oldest, the finest, and the sexiest a cappella group at Haverford.


Click here to see some recordings of our performances. You can also visit our Soundcloud account for some quality audio recordings.

Members & Repertoire:

Click here to see our current membership. You can also see our current & past repertoire here.

Blog & Photos:

Click here for our blog. We post news, updates, and events there, including upcoming performances and photos.

Click here for our photo gallery.

Auditions & More Info:

Interested in learning more about the Humtones? Learn more about our history.

Are you a Haverford singer interested in becoming a Humtone? We hold auditions during the first weekend of the Fall semester. All male-voiced students are welcome to audition, regardless of class year. Look for us in the Haverford College Dining Center during the first week of classes in the Fall or click here for more audition information.

CONTACT US for more information about just about anything. Please do get in touch with us if you are an a cappella group considering Haverford as a touring destination, and we’d be happy to talk about potentially hosting you for a joint show.




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